The Best Way to Make Your Computer Faster Without Any Upgrades

Computer Faster – I’ve been having an issue slowing my computer down for a few months now and I decided to go to the store I was recommended by a friend. I picked up a used computer, set it up in the dark with a blind power supply, connected it to the internet and let it run for a few weeks.

It would have run better, but the girl that sold it to me didn’t tell me this, she just gave me a slow computer for six hundred dollars worth of upgrades, and zero knowledge how to slow it down. I eventually upgraded it to two grand and it runs a bit better but I always get the slow computer / registry error when I run any new software or open any emails.

I managed to find some products which were recommendation online and I purchased them. Two months later, clip surfing is working like brand new again, my favorite program is Microsoft Word, and I’ve saved a lot of money on computer technician bills.

Computer Faster

Computer Faster1

These products where recommended because they where cheap and I could try them out and see if the improvements where good.

The two improvements where to set my computer up in this order, the next step was to eliminate programs from running while I’m using them and the next was to eliminate anything thatRF Slow.

My computer is faster and I never get that feeling that someone is monitoring what I’m doing, or snooping around, recording keystrokes, etc.

I’m very secured with this program and it’s cheap

I think I saved a couple hundred dollars by installing it and it’s running in the pro server, in the same room as my work computer. Just the simple Word to screen and a slide show was originally $200 and now its running in the pro server for $0.05/hour, that’s a savings of $100 right there.


  • Clean out old programs that you aren’t using any more2. Delete software and pictures you don’t need3.Remove unneeded system restore points4. Run CCleaner5. Defrag your hard drive6. Make sure that your Photoshop is not being run too low on the system resources
  • replenish RAM as it is very easy to lose by not following this rule
  • hard disk needs clean because it will become leader and shomed down over time.
  • Check for any errors on the hard drive and don’t ignore them, they are killer to the system.* Disk cleanup can be found under Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.
Computer Faster1

Lastly always backup your systems files before making changes, and only install system updates from legitimate, reliable sources.

  • haves Instances of the Registry grammar
  • has files associated with the Registry
  • has entries to Active X
  • has COM /Active X objects associated with the registry
  • has the 2003 version of Microsoft Windows running
  • ista Registry cleanup is crucial to the proper operation of your computer.
  • Internet Temporary Files should be deleted and updated regularly.
Uninstall everything that was recently installed.

When your computer is clean delete everything you don’t need, this will create more space on your computer and it is easier to use and will give you a Quicker Computer.

Scan your hard disk for errors and do full system scans that will discover malicious entries hiding in your hard disk and registry.

If you don’t have antivirus software disable it now and download a good one, else you will get infected trying to download a virus in your computer.

After completing the above steps your computer is infected and it is important that you perform a registry cleanup. The registry is the database that holds information on all your computers set up, this includes all the viruses and malware, this is why a registry cleanup is crucial, not only for the above reasons but also for many other reasons that you will discover here.

Computer Faster
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