Dos and Don’ts of Using Free Proxy Servers

Free Proxy Servers are used to receive free internet access mainly to the users whorefine themselves on how to utilize it. But proxy software shouldn’t be used just as a substitute for a web-based e-mail accommodate. They are nothing but a tool to Establish multiple connections to the server , each time allocate a different user to each proxy.

Free Proxy Servers are divided into two kinds, the free fixed proxy server and the unlimited proxy server. The free fixed proxy server requests the same data be sent through the same connection. However, the unlimited proxy server requests the connection be set by a different IP address, and receive the data through the different IP address.

 Free Proxy Servers

Free Proxy Servers

For prospective users, it is advised to go for the free proxy server

But properly choosing it is another matter. Here are some tips to help you out. spotting free proxy servers is easy as the address of the hosting company will be mentioned on the web-site when you sign up for the free proxy server. Another factor to be considered is the efficiency of the server. The proxy server has a limited uptime, and if it is downtime, the free proxy server will go down as well. Thus, users are advised to go for the unlimited proxy server if the data transfer is heavy, or if frequent network connections are required.

It is advisable to go for the free proxy server if the user’s computer is just passed over the Internet traffic

But if the user uses a high-speed DSL or cable connection, or is connected to a fast network, then choosing a premium or paid proxy server is reasonable. The user will need to set up an address to be able to receive email. Though it is easy to set up an email account, there are many email providers that are picky about offering the user’s email in accordance with the privacy policies of their service provider. A free proxy server is usually hard to set up, and in the process gives away too much information regarding user’s preferences. This is why a user should consider going for a free proxy server if the user is not in a hurry to establish a connection to the internet.

Free proxy servers are found on the web page from where the user can download the proxy software

 Free Proxy Servers
Free Proxy Servers

It is then installed on the computer without which the user will not be able to connect to the internet. The user will get an error message that reads “the set-up of this proxy is inconvenient to our operation”, and thereafter, the installation will fail without a suitable solution. The free proxy server is run by the anti-fraud company of the service provider and the user is prompted to provide certain personal information related to their identity. After receiving your permission, the anti-fraud company refers you to protect your personal information by confirming your identity through voice rather than by granting you access to the program. You are then asked to enter your personal information including credit card number, bank account, and social security number Free Proxy Servers.

The user pays a monthly fee to use the program

The user information, such as name, age, birthday, country of residence, and telephone numbers, are stored by the company in a server. The user logs in to the free proxy server using a unique login name and password. Any electronic mail that you send will go directly to the user’s email id.

Such usage of thefree proxy servermakes the user susceptible to cyber threats, especially those using spam techniques Free Proxy Servers. Since the user is unaware of the facility, they will not know to check whether the email address they disclosed is genuine or a fake. This may result in identity theft.

Free Proxy Servers
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