How to Fix PC Speed For Free!

Fix PC Speed – Personal computers have been a great help to almost all of the people in this day and age. Thus, it seems like every thing here on earth can be done easily and without any hassles at all. However, isn’t it very irritating whenever our computers tend to perform slowly? It is undeniably very disappointing when our PC cannot complete a simple task in just a few minutes when in fact, the very first time we bought such machine, all things can be done in a single click only. Hence, we can’t help but wonder on what had happened and what are the easy steps to return our computers’ performanceBack to normal and make our computers perform at their best again.

Here, we are going to discuss a few ways on how to fix PC speedand hope that our readers would get the speed back their systems at once

Fix PC Speed
Fix PC Speed

We know that the nowadays PCs come equipped with bigger and better hardware such as CPU, memory RAM, hard drive, video card etc. Thus, we can be sure that the computers are working extra hard to perform their designated tasks.

When we bought those computers, they were very impressive but in time, they tend to slow down especially those old computers. This is understandable though because we may not be computer savvy when it comes to maintenance procedures. Thus, it is imperative that we can do some work on the computer to restore its performance and speed up our computers again.

The first thing we need to do is to clean up the system

To do this, you don’t have to be a computer expert because there are some basic things that you can do by yourself in order to clean up your system and get your computer running in top shape once again.

The first thing you need to do is to uninstall all the unwanted programs that you do not use anymore. This will give you more available space on your hard drive which is known to help improve your PC’s performance. Thus, you will need to access your control panel’s add or remove programs and then remove the programs that you don’t need any more. You can do this by going on Start then selecting Control Panel and then the add/remove option

Fix PC Speed
Fix PC Speed

Once you have done this, you can go to your browser and delete all the cookies that you may have enabled or that you may no longer need

You can also delete all the history and active directory files which are stored in your computer. This will be very effective as the files are stored in your hard drive hence the need to remove them. What’s more, you need to clear your browser’s cache. Thus, you need to open your browser and click on Tools on the top menu and choose the internet option and then click on Clear History.

After doing all these and nothing seemed to be wrong, you decided to go buy a new one particularly hopes that this one would bring your computer back its former speed. However, you were disappointed on finding that no matter how many times you did this, nothing seemed to work. frustrated, you decided to lookup the answer on the internet. Unfortunately, you came up with more questions than you had answers. You were more concerned about removing the spyware that you would encounter, not the questions if there are.

Suspicion is the first sign of adware or spyware in your computer

You may be experiencing low internet speed, frequent crashes and other associated problems. Furthermore, the adware and spyware are so intrusive that they literally eat information from your computer. You may view them as just another tool that helps you browse the internet faster and more efficiently. In reality, they are just another factor predicting your computer’s deterioration. What can you do to stop spyware and adware from including you in their transit?

Fix PC Speed
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