Microsoft Vista Keeps Restarting Problem – Here Is Your Solution

If you have experienced Microsoft Vista restarting issue, then you might need to deal with the corruption in Windows registry. Registry is an important component of operating system and the information regarding computer programs is stored in the form of entries in Windows Registry.

Mainly, the registry entries are used by the operating system to initialize the component. Once that is done, the program is initiated to run and performs the tasks assigned to it. But in some cases, if the program is not terminated gracefully and the component is damaged, you may receive the error message “Completed loading”.

To fix the problem, you should go for the Safe Mode of your system and run the program file till a sign of availability appears. If that does not work, you may restart the computer with the Safe Mode of newer release and copy the file to resolve the issue.

Another reason of encountering this error is the installation of Add-ons and plug-ins

Some of these extensions are incompatible with the existing program and they produce error messages in the rare case that they are available with the application.

If you get the error message “Browser Help Objects Not Found”, then you can check whether the plug-in developer has shut down. You need to perform the steps given below:

  1. Click on Start button and go to Run.2. Insert the Windows 7 disc.3. Go to Properties.4. Click on Boot.5. Select the option “Automatically Restart”, and click on OK.6. Restart the machine for the changes to take effect.
Microsoft Vista

Microsoft Vista

“Svchost Exe File missing” is one of the common errors that people generally encounter. This error will cause you to encounter runtime error. To fix the issue, you should delete the corrupted file and use an updated one.

“This application failed to start because the file smime.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

This error occurs when the computer is not shut down properly. You need to prevent it from occurring in the future by ensuring that your system meets the requirements for the application.

Improved anti-virus software lets user to detect the threats and eliminate the virus. It also let the user to run scheduled scan to ensure smooth functioning and to get the computer protected. It works by maintaining a protected list of files and applications. Every time a new application is downloaded, the system has to search in the protected list for the file stored in it.

With the Windows 7, the system gives priority to the Windows services and applications. The Scheduled Scanning feature is incorporated to ensure that the system is protected against threats. The user has to configure the Windows 7 to perform the tasks and scan the system automatically on a regular basis.

Microsoft Vista
Microsoft Vista

Do the below steps to configure Windows machines and to schedule scan services:

  1. Click Start.2. Right click My Computer, and select Properties option.3. Click Tools | Scheduling.4. Click Edit | Scheduling Options.5. Select the option Photo, Music and Photo.6. Make sure that your check box for this particular feature is enabled.7. Uncheck the box next to Enable Automatically Run On Startup.8. Click OK | OK | OK.9. Restart the computer.

Increase Virtual Memory

In order to increase the computer speed, you should sell the existing memory capacity.

  1. Right click My Computer, and select Properties option.2. Click Advanced System Settings link.3. Click Advanced tab.4. Click Settings button under Performance frame.5. Again, click Advanced tab.6. Click Change button under Virtual Memory frame.7. Increase the amount of virtual memory.8. Click OK | OK | OK.9. Restart the computer if prompted.
Microsoft Vista
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