Open Source: Business Model, promising prospects

Open source can be described as an open source social network. The cool idea is to leverage the social networking capacity of open source. The idea can be done by anyone equally well, but its execution is a subtler matter. The difficulty lies in the fact that open source carries a bad name in the global community of web development. The open source social networking can be called aversely community based approach as opposed to the exclusive proprietary networking style, which fails to provide even the minimum requirement of a business.

Open Source
Open Source

The community approach has two aspects:

  1. Distribution of the software is done on request only, to a certain few people in a community of social networking.
  2. The community development is strongest in the aspect that the software is used not for exclusive reasons, but for community needs. The community approach allowssortitioning communities together into functioning organizations. In order to be accepted into the community of social networking, a certain disclosing has to be done on a regular basis, which acts as a driving force to connect people with their common goals.

The tempting aspect of open source is obviously the possibility of free aptitude

The programmers can take anything that can beCost-Efficient for their own personal advantage. The community of social networking is bridged with a confidentiality aid, so that any operation can be kept confidential.

In order to keep the sources of communication of the open source social networking sources invisible, the confidentiality aid can be set in place. So that the open source social networking can be charged with acting as an open forum where members can help each other.

The open source is not necessarily a defective product

It is thesticreal thing that it never CISP. The idea ofSoftware as a Service(SaaS)com is not new, and already it is extremely popular. The world is full of plenty of successful SaaS companies, which shows that it is not a thoroughly myth about open source social networking.

It is true that open source projects usually don’t earn the recognition they are worthy of. But the best proof of that is that if the quality of the software is high, the money back guarantee is good, and the development takes good turns, the number of people who are willing to back the software equally would increase. It Drives interest in the product, and the quality of the software for social networking.

Open Source

Open Source

If you are designing your website

Consider the platform over which you would spread your data. Over a few billion viewers your information would reach a far wider audience than just your niche.

For example, if you are planning to design a social networking based application, you should consider which software product it should be developed on. The software should be scalable, so that it is suitable for establishment of business sites of different types, and if you have any number of private social networking sites, you need not get any software developed for just one type.

Why not develop a modular website, and sell different modules at different levels of functionality as you go along? This would not only keep your income stream constant and steady. But it also helps in keeping your products in sync with your social bookmarking projects.

The market is full of social bookmarking software

You need to choose the one that offers the features that would be useful to you. While they are not essential, having them would prove to be very useful, because they help in versatile tasks.

So, consider all these features, and decide on whether to go for the open source social bookmarking software or to buy proprietary software.

Open Source
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