The Platform Phoenix – Create Your Own Social Curation Platform

The Platform Phoenix is a company that helps you build your own social curation platform. Building such a platform requires specific expertise, and extensive research and analysis. Platform Phoenix guides you through every step of the process. This is a great solution for anyone who is looking to build a social media platform.

Content curation is a great idea for social media

Curation is the process of finding, organizing, and sharing content that is relevant to your business, niche, or industry. You can use content curation to support your content marketing strategy and keep track of your favorite sources of information. Content marketers usually use a mix of 65% created content, 25% curated content, and 10% syndicated content.

Content curation tools help you find and curate content quickly. BuzzSumo, for instance, is a multipurpose social media marketing tool that lets you see what content is trending in your industry. It’s an easy-to-use tool that helps you curate content and organize it in a centralized location.

When choosing what to curate, it’s important to select content that is relevant and informative. Don’t simply link to someone else’s content; instead, add context and your own spin to it. This way, your audience will feel more engaged and be more likely to share your content.

Platform Phoenix offers compelling features for developers and investors alike. For example, it uses semantic HTML to improve SEO, improve performance, and make changes to the platform as needed. In addition, the platform supports Yii PHP framework, which is a fast and secure component-based framework.

Platform Phoenix

Tools to build a social curation platform

There are many tools available on the market today for social content curators. These tools can help you find content, organize it in collections, and create your own news feed. Some of these tools are free, while others can be expensive. The free versions of these tools are available only for one person, while the paid versions increase in cost as the number of users increases.

One free tool is Quuu, which offers hand-selected content from trusted sources. This tool offers more than 300 categories and can be used to curate content for your social media profiles. After deciding which categories to curate, you can choose how many recommendations you’d like to receive and then share those suggestions to your social media profiles or Buffer account. You can even choose to manually approve each recommendation. You can use Quuu for free or pay for an enterprise account.

Another tool is SocialPilot, a social media marketing platform that offers advanced search options. You can add relevant keywords and even search by website name and author. Once you’ve entered the search terms, you’ll get a list of content suggestions that will boost your content marketing campaigns. SocialPilot also has a content curation tool called Content Studio, which is designed to help you curate content. This tool helps you discover content according to its virility, media type, and social shares.

Description: Platform Phoenix offers a variety of IT options for businesses. Its state-of-the-art data center has raised floor space totaling over 100,000 square feet and features high-performance dedicated servers, superior DDoS protection, and abundant interconnectivity options. The facility also offers dedicated wave, ethernet, and point-to-point connections.

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