Windows XP and More Free Downloads

If you have Windows XP Home or if you are looking for the upgrade to Windows XP Professional then you may be looking for a free download. Microsoft has announced on their website that they will offer free downloads of their Windows XP operating system until January 2015. This is part of their annual tech update where they upgrade the operating system for the first time since it was launched ten years ago.

Some of the free downloads are that useful; others are not. People who have recently purchased computers with Windows XP Home installed will find that after installing the free download they will need to purchase the product from Microsoft for the CD version, otherwise they will not have access to the media.

Windows XP
Windows XP

The first free download they made

Was a patch for a security patchue called Service Pack for Windows XP. This is a common security patch used by many programs. It is a free download but you will have to click on the information resource to see it.

A second free download the members of Techradar community made available is calledReadyTalk, which is a program designed to recover data from failure caused by viruses, crashed applications, hangs and shut downs.

A free download for existing XP systems is a set of scripts that will help user diagnose and fix problems, diagnose alerts and trouble shoot problems, clean up space and registry issues as well as optimize the performance of the systems.

There are a few problem that users find when running the patches and on this site as follows, followers.

Follow these step by step instructions to get your system back on

  • step 1. Download the patches.
  • step 2. Evaluate the risks.
  • step 3. Remove the patches.
  • step 4. Apply the patches.
  • step 5. Evaluate the risks.

Those who are familiar with XP Antivirus and the Service Pack can figure out what is the most appropriate for the another without spending time on thinking about it.

All the rest of the users can decide for themselves what is the best and safest other than installing the Service Pack.

The XP in the marketing is effective in distinguishing all the other versions in the similar way as the Gold Edition is perhaps regarded as the most excellent and outstanding. The technical team at Microsoft is always focused to improve the product even in the later versions of Windows.

Windows XP
Windows XP

Windows XP is without doubt the most popular Master operating system

Millions of people are using XP and the numbers keep increasing. In fact the install is so easy because the features of the product such as the updated graphical user interface and internet explorer which is Handle, the Search Option, the personalized Control Panel, Add & Remove Program Manager, the improved security and also Fix It center among others are all improved in the new version.

Microsoft experts desire that XP runs and processes all the updates at the same time as other programs or applications. Windows XP comprises of a update tool such as Windows Update and the automatic updates feature and the result will be a comprehensive comprehensive application in the new version.

In the end users are always referred to the preloaded Themes

The high performance Low Priority Icons in the Start Menu registry. Start Menu items are always associated to the preloaded Themes in XP and thus users are able to MTS or upload new Themes store them in the Registry.

The auto-update in XP monitors and auto-updates the Windows XP automatically from the Microsoft web site and the result is a comprehensive and comprehensible mapping for the new and improved features in the newly released software in your computer.

Windows XP
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