Phoenix Platform: Create Your Own Social Curation Platform

As per SmartInsights, 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media. The daily usage averages 2 hours and 27 minutes as of January 2022. With such a massive audience, social media plays a huge part in enhancing your brand exposure.

82% of investors look for solid branding before investing.

91% of customers buy from authentic brands.

These shifting dynamics force the brands to use whatever resources available to generate brand awareness. One of such tools is Social Curation.

What’s Social Curation? Social curation works on the premise that you do not have to create your content. Instead, find content that your audience will find essential and present it in such a way that it serves both your audience and your organization.

82% of marketers use social curation to establish themselves as industry leaders.

Some of the oldest social curation websites include Digg and Reddit. Another famous social curation website Pinterest is dedicated to images.

What if you could launch your own social curation project? Phoenix platform is your shortcut to launching social curation projects.

An Insight into Phoenix Platform

Phoenix Platform provides a one-of-a-kind technical solution that uses semantic HTML, a framework that enables you to change the look of the project with the help of cascading styles. Furthermore, the YII Framework helps yield fast results and high performance. Yii Framework is a quick and secure PHP framework that uses wireframing to create Phoenix’s infamous revolutionary social curation platform.

Additionally, their logical system structure allows individual customization of each module and project task, thus providing a better service. Phoenix platform also uses advanced industrial solutions such as Hadoop, MogileFS, RabbitMQ, Apache Lucene, MongoDB, and others to create the state-of-the-art revolutionary technical solution for your project. 

Want to add more? Their multilayered architecture allows the developer to add other compatible technologies without altering the whole system.

Phoenix Platform

Why Should You Use Phoenix Platform?

Phoenix Platform provides a simple and no-frills platform to build your social curation project without hassles. It is one of the few fast, reliable, and scalable systems. It uses semantic HTML code, which helps developers to change the look of the project efficiently. Fast loading times, effortless updates, and better availability are some of the benefits you reap with Phoenix Platform.

Here are some of the more exciting Platform Phoenix features you may want to look at:

Scalability – Phoenix Platform is adaptable in order to accommodate both vertical and horizontal scaling of all subsystems. As a result, you don’t need to wait for new servers to relaunch your service thereby reducing downtime. High-performance, powerful machines have their benefits.

High-speed performance – Designed using cutting-edge technologies, Phoenix Platform offers high-speed performance. In addition, it can handle high volumes without affecting performance.    

Versatility – With Phoenix, you have the flexibility in the Phoenix projects you wish to create, giving you the freedom to design and approach your project the way you desire.

Significant results – Phoenix platform is capable of producing high results. Currently, their system yields up to 20 million daily requests with 500 million emails.

In Short

Phoenix Platform rides the new wave of social curation sites and lets you create one for your business/brand. This opens a whole new world for investors wherein they can create and manage effective social media campaigns.

Description: Phoenix Platform is one of the most comprehensive solutions available for social curation platforms. Its flexible, scalable and versatile nature makes Phoenix an ideal choice for investors and developers.

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